Mark 13 : 10
And the gospel must first be
published among all nations.


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Job 38 : 32
Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?
or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

Matthew 24 : 14
"And this gospel of the kingdom shall
be preached in
all the world
for a witness unto
all nations;
then shall the end come."


Global, Full Gospel Advertising For The Church
& Evangelical Missions Within Secular Media
Through Mainstream Newspapers,
Television, Radio, Magazines,
Billboards & The Internet



The massive rise in Television Evangelism over these past
years is nothing short of incredible, for The Glory Of

Multiple Ministries for Christ are booming over the
air waves, supplemented by myriad Evangelical
Crusades unto the uttermost parts of the earth.

Amen and Alleluia

The Church of God is separated today into a host of
denominations, house churches and diverse groups, scattered
like salt across the entire planet. Some are Full Gospel and
some have conflicts in doctrine with their brethren
in other denominations. 

The broadcasting channels over cable, satellite and the internet
are renowned and growing globally. Every Sunday and other
days of the week, multitudes of Assemblies gather to
Worship, Hear The Word of The Lord, Preach,
Pray, Prophesy, Praise and Fellowship. 

The Lord is Raising up New Christian souls every hour, thanks
to His Holy Spirit and the Witnessing and Evangelism of His
 Faithful in The Church, and we all Share One Common Hope
and Prayer, that The Gospel Of The Lord JESUS Christ
will Reach Everyone, and then Cometh
The End and The Second Coming.

Amen and Alleluia

When churches meet; when the crusades go forth; when the
 satellites broadcast and when the internet pages are read,
some new lost souls Believe, Repent, Are Baptized,
Converted, Saved and Healed and join The Church. 

Nevertheless, a vast sea of flesh swims past all these efforts,
 deliberately, every day of the week, with Satan and its devils
 leading them astray, hindering them and prohibiting them
from Hearing The Word and Believing. 

This plethora of lost souls all have one thing in common :
they watch television, listen to the radio, read newspapers
and magazines and surf the internet.

The Holy Spirit hath Clearly Revealed that this vast sea of flesh
 also deliberately avoid the media Ministries for Christ;
 consciously refuse to visit any Assembly and
decline invitations to attend Crusades.
We all know the reasons why they do this.

Therefore, Today, a New 21st Century Ministry for Christ is
being Birthed and seeks to Inspire others Likewise, to
Expand and to Infiltrate the kingdom of
the god of this Lost world.

We are a mustard seed in this Revelation Today, and, as the
 mustard seed contains everything necessary for the Mighty
Tree to Grow and Spread Forth its Branches far and wide,
so this mustard seed of Revelation is Likewise.

We are Born Again, Full Gospel Evangelical Christians with
The Heart Of
Christ and JESUS as The Head. 

We have years of training and experience in Answering any and
all questions asked by The Lost and similar years of
experience in Countering Satan and its devils’
opposition to The Word Of Truth. 

We are fully trained in media technologies in the fields of
 television, radio, newspaper, billboard and internet
advertising, in powerful script writing, innovative
visual vehicles to deliver Messages, and advanced,
eye catching and breathtaking graphics
 utilising audio and visual special effects. 

We are the new breed of 21st Century sons, daughters and
 servants of The Living Lord In Heaven. We are Full Gospel
 Christian Advertising experts, and are ready to proceed and to
 Serve The Lord
GOD Of All Creation. 

The likes of McDonalds, Nike, Adidas, Rolex, KFC, Burger King,
Coca Cola, Pepsi, Versace, BMW, Philips and many globally
famous service and product provider brand names
flourish in multiple advertising media. 

It is High Time for The Church of JESUS to flourish likewise.


The multinational giants earmark good percentages of their
profit margins for media advertising. 

The Living Church of God is Much Larger than any of these
multinational giants, right NOW, Today – Amen

This Is The Vision - The New Mission :

This Christian Company :
Zebra Industries (Orogenesis Nova) Ltd - Z I O N
 based in Hong Kong, that supports the Constellation Seven
 Ministry Tree, is ready to accept Contributions by Paypal,
 Cashier’s Cheque, Demand Draft or Wire / Telegraphic Transfer
 under the Reference Name to be Quoted :
The Mazzaroth Mission

The Mazzaroth Mission has only one purpose : 

Full Gospel Advertising For The Lord JESUS CHRIST, For
His Church, utilising Television, Radio, Newspapers,
Magazines, Billboards and The Internet.


Organisations and individuals that support this Mission will
have to be meek and selfless because the multitudes that
will be touched by this Gospel Advertising Campaign will
be directed to any Full Gospel Assembly nearby to
them with no denominational favouritism.

Small print warnings not to visit mormon, seventh day
adventist, Jehovah’s witness nor any other fringe
groups will be included with
The Campaign. 

Advice on Full Gospel Doctrine will be included with The
Campaign. No mainstream Denomination nor any
specific Evangelical Ministry will be favoured over
any other church or group in this Campaign.

The Holy Spirit Will Lead

Large supporters of this Mission will be featured by way of
“Many Thanks To” by-lines with contact data.

Any support in excess of US$100,000 will qualify for the “Many
Thanks To
Name Of The Supporter” by-line and contact data. 

Requests for additional support will
accompany The Campaign.

All support will be translated into booking advertising space.
Zebra Industries will donate it’s time and skills to
creating the Advertising material.



All Contributors will have full access to ALL Advertising
Content and Booking Space Plans and Choices.

Larger Contributors can also help with formulating new ideas
for Advertising Content and Media Booking Decisions.


Prime Time Television Adverts Worldwide, regularly, in all major
 language groups, beginning with English Language Advertising –
 starting in the USA, Britain, Israel, Canada, Australia, South
Africa and New Zealand in this same order of priority.

Exponentially larger and larger Mainstream Newspaper
Advertising, in the same geographic priority order.
Radio, Internet, Magazine & Billboard Advertising,
likewise in English to begin with.

The Hope and Prayer is to then expand into Spanish, French,
Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Scandinavian,
Dutch and Japanese and then move into Arabic,
Chinese and Eastern European tongues.

The advertising will not be used for selling any products, nor
promoting any questionable doctrine nor the specific interests
of any one Evangelical or Denominational group.

All Advertising Material will use 21st Century Creativity to Reveal
  God, The Creator Father, His Immaculate Son
and His Holy Gospel Word in multi-various ways to stun and
 Convict viewers and readers to Join The Church and be
Baptized and to Honour The Christian Sunday Sabbath
every week to Grow In The Belief and Knowledge
of The Lord and His Holy Scriptures.

To Live as True Christian souls everyday of the week. 

The Advertising Content, will, from time to time, decimate
evolution theory and false religions,
in a polite,
non-confrontational way to ensure multitudes
are coaxed out of false doctrine into The
Glorious Truth
Of The Living God. 

This Mazzaroth Mission Plan has no end in sight, Preparing The Way
 For The Second Coming Of The Lord JESUS CHRIST Himself, by
 ensuring, over the due course of Time, that everyone on earth, will,
 at some point, have Heard or Seen or Touched
(By Braille Adverts)
The Truth Of Christ’s Salvation for The Lost world. 

Essentially, The Mazzaroth Mission is a Structured Invasion
Plan into the homes of The Lost world, using any,
every and all tried and proven Advertising methods,
on a consistent and regular basis. 

No limits have been set. Only Prayer and Faith That The Lord GOD
of All earth’s resources WILL Raise Up people and funding to
Contribute to a Steady Stream of Full Gospel Advertising.

There will be no need for any existing Ministries nor churches
to run any of The Advertising, as The Vision is entirely
focused upon the Lost world (using secular media)
that deliberately avoid Christ and His Church. 

In essence, the larger The Mazzaroth Mission becomes,
the more Advertising space can then be booked and
The Campaign itself will indeed draw
additional media attention as an extra.

Since all Advertising will include a website to visit in order for
more Inspired souls and Groups to Contribute,
The First Stage
Launch Campaign
will concentrate within mainstream
newspapers to begin.

As The Mazzaroth Mission expands, long term Television
Booking will then commence, as fast as possible,
considering this urgent End Time situation and need.

This IS The Lord’s Plan, For His Glory and For The Kingdom Of
Christ on earth, so we have no doubt He Will Inspire
 Organisations and individual souls to Contribute, to ensure the
 Campaign Grows to become bigger than Coca Cola, Rolex,
 McDonalds and Philips combined, because Salvation is more
 important than any of the competitor’s products and services.

The Prayer and Hope is for The Christian Assemblies of
the earth to burst at the seams with the vast influx of
new souls for JESUS, and to then overflow into
multitudes of new locations and new churches
as The Holy Spirit Directs and Leads, In The
Perfect Name Of
JESUS CHRIST The Lord Himself.

Alive In Heaven NOW !

Amen and Amen

May The Living Lord Bless you and Keep you and

Cause His Holy Face To Continue To Shine Upon you,

By The Son Of Righteousness With Healing In His

Wings In JESUS? Immaculate Name.

Psalm 68 : 9 - 11
Thou, O God, didst send a
plentiful rain,
whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance,
when it was weary. Thy congregation hath dwelt
therein: thou, O God, hast prepared of
thy goodness for the poor

The Lord gave the word: great was
the company of those that
published it.



Within three months we received Testimonial Word that
the following people had been Baptized :

Anglican denomination : 39 people one Sunday
Charismatic Catholic denomination : 20 people one Sunday
Full Gospel drug rehabilitation Ministry : 19 people one Sunday

These are Baptism Testimonies we know about within the
relevant time period - there are some 7 million souls in HK.

Later, through this small Ministry, another 12 were Baptized.


At the time of the Advert running, there were no white on black adverts
in the Church Notices section of the English newspaper.
Now, the Church
Notices sector has over seven major sized white on black regular Ads.

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After over 1 year of Preaching, Prayer & prophesying, The Lord Answered,
Independently of this Ministry, with Revival City International church
Alliance running the Advert below on the Main Page of the Ming Pao
Hong Kong Newspaper and two other Chinese newspapers - Amen

To receive the English Translation please
Contact Constellation Seven - The Mazzaroth Mission here

This independent Evangel-Ad ran on March 13th & 16th 2011 to
admonish Hong Kong to Repent and Join The Church - Amen

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 Sponsored and Supported By Z I O N

Elijah Saatori, PO BOX 538, TUEN MUN, HONG KONG

(852) 2441 7773     (852) 2441 7754

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 "With His Stripes we are Healed"  

Isaiah 53:5

Hebrews 10 : 25
Not forsaking the assembling
of ourselves together,
as the manner of some is;
but exhorting one another:
and so much the more,
as ye see the day

Especially For : the peoples of islam - AMEN

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