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 Prayer Warrior For Lost-Sick-Backslidden-Poor-Afflicted Souls 

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 CEO-Director-Senior-Legal-Officer For SION 

 Bishop - Global Church Of The Wise Virgins 

 Holy Bible And Creation Science Teacher 

 New Testament House Church Pastor 

 As An Ordained & Confirmed Lifetime Enemy of satan 

2 Corinthians 11 : 26
In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers,
in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen,
in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness,
in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;




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Holy Scripture : 1 John 2 : 18 - 19

Plus multiple souls Witnessed To, Ploughed, Seeded and
Watered for
The Glorious Kingdom Of God, with ALL
The Glory, Solely and ONLY For
The Lord JESUS Christ,
Baptized Himself In AD 30 By John - Elias - Amen

Salvation Is Facilitated By Preaching, Believing & Acceptance Through
God To Conversion By The Election Of Grace In Repentance With The
Waters And The Holy Ghost And The Shed Blood Of JESUS Christ On His
Cross - Being Assured By The Lord JESUS Christ And His Holy Father, Alive
In Heaven NOW, For Eternal Life - UNLESS deliberately and pointedly
renounced and abandoned by later disbelief and chosen departure from
The Faith to atheism or some other religion. Yet, Fully Sealed In Heaven
For The Willingly Saved, By Faithful Growing In The Holy Word and
Dedication to Worship, Prayer and Service in Love for The Spiritual
Gifts Into The Millennium – Amen, Alleluia and Mizpah

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AGAINST : The Beast City of Hong Kong

The Real Truth of various legal actions undertaken
in Hong Kong from AD 1989 - AD 2012

Lightning Strikes And Tornado Waterspouts Over
Hong Kong On Elijah's birthday - July 27th AD 2010

12.00 Noon - July 27th AD 1956 - 27 Stirling Avenue

Psalm 107 : Verses 1-3 "O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good
his mercy endureth for ever. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so,
he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;
And gathered them out of the lands, from the east,
and from the west, from the north, and from the south.

Verses : 21-25 "Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness
and for
his wonderful works to the children of men!
And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving,
and declare his works with rejoicing.

They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;
These see
the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.
For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind,
lifteth up the waves thereof."

From: hkweather | July 27, AD 2010


27-7-'56 - Click here

1 Kings 18 : 41 - 46

[Recorded History (Christory His-Story)
around 930 BC - some 2940 years ago]

"And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain. So Ahab went up to eat and to drink. And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees, And said to his servant, Go up now, look toward the sea. And he went up, and looked, and said, There is nothing. And he said, Go again seven times. And it came to pass at the seventh time, that he said, Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man's hand. And he said, Go up, say unto Ahab, Prepare thy chariot, and get thee down that the rain stop thee not. And it came to pass in the mean while, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode, and went to Jezreel. And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel."

You may be on this page because you ran a search for the name Elijah Saatori.
During this search you may have encountered various so called "legal judgments"
from Courts in Hong Kong. In these Actions in the past, Elijah Saatori has been
forced to be a Plaintiff in person in order to try and gain satisfaction and
compensation for the following civil crimes against him by the following parties :

1). Defendants : Peter Cheng Chun Mo - Pioneer Advertising Limited :

AD 1984 - AD 1994

Plaintiffs : Elijah Saatori, Cerebe Design Ltd

Case Presented by Elijah Saatori as Plaintiff In Person

Defendant's Actions in Court : 7 days of straight perjury
Expensive law firm and articulate lying barrister
Security for costs ploy to stifle justice
Original defence strategy : withheld Plaintiff property and would not
return property unless a so called "settlement agreement"
was signed releasing Defendant's from being prosecuted.

Elijah Saatori was FORCED to sign the so called "settlement agreement"
due to urgent need for property and very little cash to survive
without immediate access to the property.

The so called "settlement agreement" was INDEED signed under
severe economic duress and duress of goods -


2). Defendant : Kincheng Banking Corporation :

AD 2000 - AD 2002

Plaintiffs : Treasure Web Inc, Cerebe Design International Ltd

Case Presented by Elijah Saatori as Plaintiff In Person

Security for costs ploy to stifle justice worked as Plaintiff did not
have the cash to pay into court to allow the case to go to trial


3). Defendant :The Wah Tong Group :

January 2004 - April 2004 - still running NOW

First Level Decision Now : 24th September AD 2010 : VICTORY 1 - AMEN
Two Contract Breaches in February & April 2004 Proved Fully By The Evidence.

Click here or below for First level Victory One - More To Follow - Amen

Second Level Decision Now : 28th October AD 2010 : VICTORY 2 - AMEN
All Legal Costs Awarded Against the money loving wah tong group - Alleluia.

Click here for The Second Level Cost Victory Two - More To Follow - Amen

Appeal To Vary Damages Amount : 14th February AD 2011  - AMEN

Click here to View This Application In JESUS - Amen

Leave To Appeal Victory One : 11th October AD 2011  - AMEN

Click here to View The Leave To Appeal Victory Judgment In JESUS - Amen

Main Major Appeal Victory Two : 20th June AD 2012  - AMEN

Click here to View The Main Appeal Victory Judgment In JESUS - Amen

Arbitration Award Variation Victory : 7th September AD 2012  - AMEN

Click here to View The Arbitration Award 2nd Victory In JESUS - Amen

Main Trial Judgment Victory : 31st August AD 2015  - AMEN

Click here to View The Main Trial Judgment In JESUS - Amen


Plaintiff : Zebra Industries (Orogenesis Nova) Ltd

Case Presented by Elijah Saatori as Plaintiff In Person




4). Defendant : Raffles Medical Group :

AD 2006 - still running

Plaintiff : Elijah Saatori

Case Presented by Elijah Saatori as Plaintiff In Person

27-7-'56 - Click here

Wicked perjurous solicitors : robertsons :

michael lintern-smith (Ahab) / frank szeto / kevin steel

Psalm 14 : 1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. 
They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, 
there is none that doeth good.


Address : 57/f - The Center - 99 Queens Rd, Central, HK


----- Original Message -----

From: Elijah Saatori

Sent: Friday, September 18, AD 2009 8:22 AM


RE : PROPHECY ISSUED ON August 18th AD 2009 6.30 AM (below) - Amen

FRONT PAGE - SCMP - Tuesday 15th September AD 2009


http://www.Constellation7.org/Files/Center-Lightning-Strike-Luke10-18.jpg (larger size)

And click here :  http://www.TheSevenThunders.org/Whirlwind-27thJuly2010.htm 



Luke 10 : 17-18

And the seventy returned again with joy,

saying, Lord, even the devils are subject

unto us through thy name. And he said unto them,

"I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."




"Thus Saith The LORD God, Creator of Heaven, earth and all the hosts herein, directly unto Ian Carlson, Mohan Bharwaney, Michael Lintern-Smith, Frank Szeto and Kevin Steel, Behold, I AM and beside Me there are no other gods, nay, not even one.


I AM The Father of spirits, Saith JEHOVAH, and I Cast My fallen angel Lucifer down into the earth for his vile rebellion against Me Saith The LORD and I Placed your personal spirits into your earthen tabernacles for a season.


I Brought Forth The Light and Created The Darkness by Division, Saith God The Holy Spirit, and all the creatures, the stars, the sun and the moon and all trees and flowers and clouds and birds and fishes, Behold, with all the creeping things of the earth and all the Angels of Heaven, I Created them All, Saith The King of The Universe, and I AM Holy.


I cannot lie, Saith Christ The Lord, One with My Father in Heaven, and I AM Alive forevermore, even with The Scars from those that Believed Me not, for I Died on The Cross, and Behold again, I AM Alive forevermore and have The Keys to death and hell and All Power Is Given unto Me, Saith JESUS The Lord; I Am The Final Judge.


I have many sons, Saith The Lord, even My Faithful servants in earth and in Heaven, and one ye know well, even My son John that ye call Elijah, and I have Visited him many times in dreams and visions and waking revelation, and Confirmed the Same with Fulfilment Following, even since 1974 and before, Saith The Lord of All Time, for Behold, I Live outside of Time and Inside of Now.


I Raised him up and Called him to be a prophet unto the nations and the people to Hear My Word and Obey and Repent and Join My True Church, Saith The Lord GOD from Heaven, Within My Kingdom within.


I have Sent him and do Send him, this Last Day, to Reveal More of My Perfect Truth for those so lost and given over to The Devil, that they may be Saved By Me from The Wrath of My Father to Come upon the children of disobedience, saith The Lion of Judah.


I Sent him into the unclean dragon city of The Beast of mammon and idolatry, even Hong Kong, to do My Will and My Will only Saith God The Spirit; yet, Saith JESUS, as was done unto Me, when I walked the earth, Saith The Redeemer, so, in like manner, the servants of Our enemy, Satan, the children of darkness, have done unto him whatsoever they listed Saith The Father By The Son, even thefts, lying, hatred, conspiracy, the unclean spirits of error and damage unto his person, that within contains My Person, saith God, and verily he hath Spoken and Done My Truth and his truth, multiple times, and still ye have hearkened unto the father of all lies, for the love of mammon, Saith The Sharp Two-Edged Sword.


Think ye in this Last Time, that I Will do as I have done before, when My servants and sons were vilified and murdered and disparaged and cast off as the scum of the earth, Saith Abba, even to Wait, Saith The LORD Of The Hosts?


Behold, I Do a New Thing Today, even a speedy fulfilment of My Word, for I Have Heard the cries of My children, so persecuted by deceivers and murderers in the earth, and ye too are of your father The Devil.


Ye have all read The Truth Given unto you by My son and servant and ye chose to hearken unto the unclean spirits of the devils of Hong Kong, even to be clouded and deceived to hear only their thoughts, despite The Perfect Truth and the truth again, given unto you by My son, saith The Lord of lords.


So, Saith The Great Judge, as ye have chosen lies over Truth and deceit over Righteousness, and false judgment over Restitution, and have further chosen to vilify My son and to deny Me Saith Christ, so, from henceforth, I Turn each one of you personally and thy wicked beasts whom ye serve, over to Satan completely, that ye may learn not to blaspheme, lie, deceive and judge falsely, Saith The LORD of All. Ye are NOW in his vile hand, even The Dragon, and he will shew you no mercy as ye have shown no mercy unto Mine, and will do unto each of you according to your allegiance with him, for I AM The Lord GOD of Satan and when I Command, as herein Today, My Word Cannot be Broken.


As you feel and experience the author of death and destruction, lies and hatred, rebellion and sin, arising in your lives, to your severe personal loss, suffering, failure and detriment, Remember Our Word herein, and Know, that this is My Judgment upon you for nearly twenty solar orbits of the same from you as from others against My son, and I have Chosen to Judge you Righteously, for thy sin and hardness of heart and false judgements against My son and servant.


When Satan finishes with you, and as he unfolds his choice for you, until he himself is Sealed in The Bottomless Pit for 1000 years, I Have left Open a Door for you to Escape, Saith The Lord Of True Mercy, even JESUS.


As you see Hell and My Judgments transpire in your lives of deceit and false judgment, witchcraft, trickery and the root of all evil, Saith The Creator, Know that the sufferings that are Now Righteously from My Hand Against you, compare and correspond with the sufferings, unrighteously, that have come against My son and servant, from multitudes such as ye truly are, and herein is My Justice Fulfilled, Saith JEHOVAH.


My Open Door is Water and Spirit and I Stand Herein and Knock, Saith Christ; When you hear Me Knocking as the unbearable Sin of Satan envelopes each one of you, Repent, be Baptized and Join My Church properly; Seek ye My Word in The Holy Scriptures, for herein Also I AM, Saith The Word.


Unless you each Repent Fully Under The Water in The Holy Ghost that I Will Send when your hearts are circumcised, and Join My Kingdom, ye cannot be Saved, for, from henceforth, ye will see the Number of he whose wicked hand ye are now in, even 666, and ye will See My Cross for Salvation, regularly in front of you as ye travel around this city of the dragon, Saith The Lord GOD.


Refuse My Cross saith The Lord JESUS Christ and I too will Refuse to Call Off the dogs, and My Holy Spirit IS Truth, and will Search thy hearts Saith God The Father.


Refuse My Word, and My Word Against you will abide with you until ye Burn In The Lake of Fire, except ye Repent Truly, Saith The Redeemer and Giver Of Eternal Life. The True Menace to Justice is now thy master, and a cruel master he is, for thou art also cruel, yet I AM Kind and Merciful, not wishing that ye should perish, but that ye would Come to Me with a Contrite and Broken spirit, Saith The Resurrected Lord.


The Transference is Complete Saith The Great Judge from Heaven; thy devils are now with you, for I AM The Rock and fall upon you to Grind you unto a powder to be scattered into the winds Saith The Living Word that ye have refused.


Yet Fall on Me Saith Christ, and Be Broken, and All Will Indeed be Well with thy souls. So Saith The Father, By The Son, With The Immaculate Holy Ghost, even JESUS. Amen."


Released for Complete Fulfilment 6.30 AM, this

Eighteenth day of August Two Thousand and Nine Years,

by our current calendar, after The Virgin Birth of God as Man. Amen.


1 Timothy 1 : 17- 20

"Now unto the King eternal, immortal,

invisible, the only wise God, be honour

and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy,

according to the prophecies which

went before on thee, that thou by them

mightest war a good warfare; Holding faith,

and a good conscience; which some having

put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:

Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander;

whom I have delivered unto Satan,

that they may learn not to blaspheme."



5). Defendants : Barry Yen & Joseph Tse

AD 2007 - AD 2008

Plaintiffs : Elijah Saatori, Zebra Industries (Orogenesis Nova) Ltd,
Roberta Coronetta-Saatori, Jeff Shurr, Warren Islip, Maur Tanner

Case Presented by Elijah Saatori as Plaintiff In Person representing
the other Plaintiffs, Christian parents at CAIS Evangelical School HK

Defendants' Actions in Court : 1 day of perjury
1st defendant was a solicitor and is a liar.
Adjudicator for this small claims case was entirely
biased in favour of evolution theory and his own
colleague, the lying solicitor and his partner (defendants)
For these reasons the adjudicator accepted the evidence of
the defendants -


Before you read the summary details below,
whomsoever you may be, please know this :

Elijah Saatori NEVER deliberately lies and would NEVER bring a court action against
anyone UNLESS they had definitely practised a civil crime against him.

Elijah Saatori is a Born Again Full Gospel Christian Evangelist and Holy Bible
teacher - It is IMPOSSIBLE for him to lie or to wrongfully accuse anyone in
court of any wrongdoing UNLESS they had actually done the evil deed.

Nevertheless, forget being a Plaintiff in Person in the wicked city of Hong Kong;

Hong Kong is entirely sold out to Satan and The Beast and Mammon. If you
have lost your money because of civil crimes by local Hong Kong Chinese
and the only way to try and recover it legally is to sue,
NEVER be a Plaintiff in Person - you won't stand a chance.

We have irrefutable, black and white, hard core evidence, that the judges, masters
and adjudicators in the Hong Kong Civil Legal System, take NO notice of anything
impecunious Plaintiffs in Person have to say or present. They ONLY listen to highly paid,
overcharging solicitors and barristers - they ignore black and white evidence and allow
themselves to be conned by smooth talking, wicked, lying solicitors
and barristers, from their own corrupt profession.


The Real Truth of each action above was BURIED by devils operating through
law firms, solicitors and barristers in mammon worshipping Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong judges are literally BLINDED by The Devil.


1). In July AD 1983 i came to Hong Kong with US$60,000 to sign up a printer for the production of my new board game GALAXION. A Hong Kong registered Company, Pioneer Advertising Ltd, run by a Hong Kong Chinese businessman, Peter Cheng Chun Mo, signed a contract for production of 250,000 units of Galaxion in 4 runs, the first being 10,000 pieces. He was given HK$110,000 for a deposit to make pre-production samples. My fiancée and myself then went to Japan for pre-production work on the playing board, with a Company hired by Pioneer Advertising to make the printing films, because there was no film making machine large enough in Hong Kong at that time. Galaxion is the largest, commercially available board game in the world, with a one metre square playing board. 

2). After Japan, we flew for a vacation in Hawaii in September 1983 and to wait for the production samples to arrive from Hong Kong and Japan. Our ticket was an around the world air ticket and we were also scheduled to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and New York to promote the new board game, using the finished production samples. 

3). By October 1983, the first set of proofs came in from Hong Kong and Japan, full of multiple errors and wrong colours and multiple proofing mistakes. No material samples were supplied, nor did we receive any mock-up dummies for approval as agreed and contracted. All proofs were sent back to Hong Kong for corrections. 

4). A request was then made by Pioneer to open a letter of credit for production. Despite not having the pre-production work completed properly, we agreed and opened up the letter of credit for the balance of the production of the first 10,000 units of Galaxion. 

5). By early December, a second set of proofs came back, this time with some of the errors corrected and many new ones made, and still no material samples nor mock-up dummies to show in the planned USA mainland marketing trip. 

6). On January 2nd AD 1984 we received a letter in Hawaii from Peter Cheng claiming that because of the decision that Hong Kong would go back to China in 1997, the market was in turmoil and he therefore had to increase the contract price by 70%. This was a staggering price rise and required bank approval. We were forced to cancel the marketing trip across the mainland in order to get approval for this mammoth price increase, which was also a breach of contract. 

7). The letter of credit we opened was returned back unused, whereby we lost fees and interest on that balance of our investment funds. i was 27 years old at the time. Our bank refused to approve the huge increase and Cheng refused to drop the price. Legally he was in breach of contract, but we tried to raise the extra funds needed through private sources. During our stay in Hawaii i met a gold and silver trader that expressed interest in this unique new board game. After many months of trying unsuccessfully to raise the extra capital needed, i spoke with Richard Holiday (the Gold and Silver trader from Oregon) with Kona Coast Jewellery Company on the Big island of Hawaii and he continued to express interest in investing to help us with the shortfall, and to get the product made. We believed Cheng at the time about the paper materials price increase. 

8). In October AD 1984, i returned back to Hawaii to meet with Richard with a third set of printing proofs, still with many uncorrected errors and still no material samples nor pre-production mock-up dummies of Galaxion. My funds were beginning to run low, as we were now over one year behind our marketing and sales schedule. 

9). During the second trip to Hawaii, i contacted Peter Cheng in Hong Kong and requested that he return all my artwork, films and refund my deposit as he was in breach of contract and had not supplied the finished samples as he had been paid to do. He refused. 

10). Richard of Kona Coast Jewellery lost confidence and invested his funds in more buying and selling of gold and silver, but this decision took him some time to make. Waiting for him to decide wasted a lot more time in money. 

In December AD 1984, i was Baptized into the One True Church of JESUS Christ and became a Full Gospel Christian. 

11). In January AD 1985 another potential investor appeared, Alfred Stinson, a Real Estate Developer from Bellingham Washington, and he expressed firm interest in investing in Galaxion. Again i tried to recover my property back from Hong Kong and again Cheng refused to return my property. 

12). By March/April AD 1985, Alfred Stinson decided not to invest (because i could not recover the artwork, films nor any finished samples from Hong Kong to put up as a guarantee for the investment). He later left Hawaii for Washington. 

13). By this time i had just about run out of money. Around this time, my luggage and passport were stolen, and i was then befriended by members of The Church who helped me. i was later Called By God into His Ministry of Evangelism to the lost, and i myself had come to the end of myself also. i became a street Preacher of The Full Gospel of The Lord, and for some considerable time, experienced supernatural Signs and Wonders, that built my Faith and my Testimony. 

14). The Devil through Hong Kong had stolen everything from me, yet God in Hawaii had replaced it all with Eternal Gifts of The Holy Spirit. i experienced Speaking In Tongues after The Baptism of The Holy Ghost and many Gifts of prophesying and preaching. For some very long time all i owned was a Holy Bible and a pair of sandals and some shorts and tee-shirts. i was homeless and lived in jungles and on the mountains and the beach, one day at a time, with a myriad of different work exchange jobs from AD 1984 - AD 1988. 

15). The Hand of God was helping me though, as my stepfather was dying of cancer and my mother was in severe grief, so my return back to her house in March AD 1988 was a Blessing to her. The Sojourn in Hawaii was a purely Spiritual Journey, in The Lord's Timing, and He made sure i got back safely. The Call to Preaching was so strong, it was God's Will for me to stay in Training in Hawaii, through Affliction and Loss. 

16). After working hard for a year and saving up enough money, i returned to Hong Kong in April 1989, with sufficient funds to recover my property from Cheng and prosecute him for misrepresentation, breach of contract and copyright and trade mark infringements. He had formed a new company called Galaxion Amusement Production Ltd (breach of confidence) and printed versions of my product were all over the walls of his new office. Thanks ONLY to JESUS, i arrived back in Hong Kong before the 6 year time limitation to sue him had expired. 

17). After suing him after recovering all my artwork and films and Galaxion inventory, Peter Cheng left Hong Kong for Canada abruptly, owing a lot of money in unpaid bills and unpaid salaries to his former staff. He never repaid me any of the monies lost and effectively vanished and has never been seen nor heard of since. There is Judgment and Justice Glory to The Lord. Also, by accessing the HK Trade Department records for 1983 and 1984 we discovered that there was NO 70% increase in paper costs as Cheng had falsely stated. The increases were between 4% and 7% only. He lied to justify his contract breaches. Being Born Again precludes me EVER lying !!!!! 


In response to additional attempts by the Wah Tong lawyers to paint a false and erroneous picture of my legal work in Hong Kong, as plaintiff in person in past actions, the following is also The Gospel Truth of the actions prosecuted in Hong Kong courts, and in these regards, being naive in the past when it came to the staggering lengths solicitors employed to get their guilty clients off the hook, the OJ Simpson dream team analogy is hereby cited, to draw attention to the way clever and Satanic solicitors can dissuade a Court from seeing the real truth of an obvious Case. In this analogy, OJ Simpson today is in jail for armed robbery, and deservedly will not see the light of freedom for a very long time. He finally received the Justice long overdue and highly warranted for this wife killer, whose solicitors succeeded in deceiving the Courts into acquitting Simpson of the murders he most assuredly committed.  

Because i was unable to afford the extravagant fees charged by solicitors and barristers in past actions, and in this action, and because each Statement of Claim in these past actions and this action, was and is The Gospel Truth of the various heads of damage perpetrated against me by Hong Kong Companies, i have been and still am forced to prosecute such actions as Plaintiff in person. Due to the value of my personal net worth, and the vast amount of cash needed to pay solicitors, i do not qualify for legal aid, yet nor do i have the sort of exorbitant sums Hong Kong lawyers seek to extract from their clients IN ADVANCE AS RETAINERS hence i am forced to be Plaintiff in person. The alternatives would have been to allow them to escape justice and get away with the following civil crimes (in summary) : 

A). Pioneer Advertising, AD 1983 - AD 1991 : A signed Contract with my first Ltd Company was extracted from me under false pretences (misrepresentation that Pioneer was a Printer and had shares in a printing factory) and was later wholly breached, deliberately and all monies invested by me were lost because of this; plus, my new product, unique name at that material time, Galaxion, was copied by the villainous Company under direction of its HK Chinese scoundrel Peter Cheng. 

Not only did he deceive me into believing he was a partner in a printing Company, able enough to manufacture 250,000 units of the new board game, starting with an initial batch of 10,000 units (THE BREACHED CONTRACT), in fact his incompetence and greed and devious character was highly developed enough to utterly fail in all aspects of pre-production; to inflate the contract price by 70% because he falsely stated that materials' had increased by the same said percentage due to turmoil over the Hong Kong back to China handover plan (in violent breach 6 months later after all his pre-production failures) He then pocketed the balance of the deposit monies and refused to return my property; He then formed a new Company called Galaxion Amusement Production Ltd; He continued to refuse to return all my artwork and films so i could try and manufacture with another Company both when i was in Hawaii in 1985 and when i returned to Hong Kong in AD 1989 (in effect he stole my product). 

After meeting him in AD 1989 (having returned to Hong Kong after years in Hawaii BECAUSE of his contract breaches), where prints of all my work adorned his office walls in many places (with a Sign outside saying Galaxion Amusement Production Ltd), he refused to return anything UNLESS i signed a so called settlement agreement; he then called the police to have me removed from his office, having stolen HK$100,000 from me and caused me to lose several million Hong Kong dollars; i refused to sign the so called settlement agreement unless a clause was removed that prohibited me taking legal action against him for his civil crimes. i had limited funds at that time and a time fuse was burning to try and recover the Project. If i hadn't signed the document i was not going to recover my inventory and i would have lost the monies i had at the time, designated for a new production run. He refused to remove the clause that prevented legal action for recourse. 

Due to time and money constraints, i was forced, under duress of goods and economic duress to sign the document JUST TO RECOVER MY PROPERTY, which was originally just supposed to be a simple receipt for the inventory.  

However, as always, thanks to Cheng's wicked and clever lawyer's advice the receipt for the return of my property was transformed into a so called settlement agreement. My plan was to prosecute him in any event and he full well knew this hence the withholding of my property UNTIL the so called settlement agreement document was signed. 

i finally was forced to sign it under severe economic duress and especially duress of goods, and then proceeded to prosecute his company as they rightly deserved, as Plaintiff in person, my first ever legal action. 

He committed seven straight days of perjury, backed up by a law firm, not dissimilar to Wah Tong right now. Frank Stock, the Judge at the time, was duped by the barrister, the solicitors and the perjury into buying their false opposition to the Action, whereby they wrongfully, but successfully argued that the so called settlement agreement was not signed under duress IT WAS !!!

i lost the case based on that ruling ONLY and my lack of experience in the devious verbal and written twisting of the legal world when defending guilty clients. The bottom line has always been the bottom line exorbitant fees charged by lawyers for Companies that have been decimated by civil criminals in the Hong Kong business world, that force the aggrieved companies either to lose all their hard work and investments or prosecute in person, in the hope the Courts will see through the lies and that The Real Truth will emerge at the end of the Trial. Plaintiffs in person in Hong Kong rarely (if ever) succeed. 

The regular tools employed in such cases are blanket denial, attacking the righteous plaintiffs and security for costs asking for such monies as are not available to the plaintiffs when the defendants have destroyed the plaintiff companies financial strength by their foul deeds. 

B). Galaxion was finally launched in AD 1994 - AD 1996, no thanks to anyone but God and close friends and family, and went on to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as The Largest Commercially Available Board Game In The World (1995 & 1996 see attached). Later, at the turn of the New Millennium, we formed a new company for an internet treasure hunt, and obtained agreement from the Kincheng Banking Corporation to give our new offshore company (Treasure Web Inc), banking facilities to allow us to accept online payments from around the world. When we went in to officially open the account as agreed beforehand, ready to start trading, (again, a time related urgent application), Kincheng reneged on its word and proceeded to refuse us banking facilities in direct contradiction to an earlier agreement to furnish us with banking facilities. No reason was given, and they were legally in breach of their agreement with me at the advent. 

This breach caused us loss and damage, especially time related loss and damage, as we had to locate another bank and re-form the Company in another jurisdiction the first was The Bahamas the second was The British Virgin Islands (from memory) and we were a small company with a new project and a limited budget. 

We finally found a bank to host our accounts (BEA), but the matter of the breach by Kincheng was left unresolved and had caused us loss and damage. 

i was not prepared to let them get away with their deceit and lies yet again, (such HK Chinese are so called businessmen, who in reality are very often simply greedy, incompetent, black liars), so they were sued for breach of agreement and misrepresentation, as this is exactly what happened in true reality at the material time, and truly caused us loss and damage, yet again. [They agreed to offer us banking facilities as an offshore company and misrepresented this to us at the first meeting, then later broke their word]. 

In court, they immediately played the security for costs tarot card (Treasure Web Inc being offshore), asking for monies we could not afford nor had access to, so we transferred the rights to the action to the main company Cerebe Design Intl Ltd and filed a second writ, because Cerebe Design Intl Ltd was HK registered, not offshore. 

Again they played the security for costs tarot card, for monies we did not have, only under different provisos than being an offshore firm. 

So the Faustian Farce began all over again.  

CONCLUSION 1 : in reply to points cited by Wah Tong solicitors :

In the end, the court ruled against us that we must pay their security for costs or forfeit the action. We didn't have the money and we tried to raise it but could not, so the truth of the Case was derailed whereby they escaped free. However, this time, i prophesied against them In The Holy Name Of The Living God Of Truth, for their foul trickery and deceit, and the Judge directed that The Prophecy be transcribed and entered into the Court Record; THEN, later, within a few months, The Holy Lord Brought the prophecy fully to pass against Kincheng, in that their head office became a gutted shell in Central as they were taken over by the Bank of China, EXACTLY as prophesied, leaving a monument of two satanic lions outside their head office to the back drop of a decimated and closed bank, the very head office where they breached their agreement with me originally. This was supernatural, TRULY, as i had no personal knowledge of anything related to the future of Kincheng at the material time of delivering the prophecy in Court. 

We were eventually forced to abandon the case due to lack of money to pay the said security, however the facts of the statement of claim were the Gospel Truth and they were indeed guilty this time they got what they deserved, but we lost money in time and the pain of the failed action, caused by cunning solicitors and legal witchcraft. 

C).  Together with a group of parents at our children's Christian Evangelical school, we stood up and fought against two corrupt Chinese School Management Committee members that unjustly and unrighteously decapitated the Western leadership of the school (CAIS), trying to replace the Christian Canadian headmaster. They had already removed one Western leader and were making a bid to take over the school and replace The Creation Science Curriculum with the Baccalaureate evolution-centric, atheist based system, and install a puppet principal with very little experience and who was not a native English speaker with highly questionable credentials. 

Myself and my wife, together with a large group of Christian parents fought against them, enlisting the help of The church sponsor, to expose their evil schemes that were in league with a property developer who was also an SMC member. We believe it was all about taking control of the school to eventually do something non-Christian with the property by using deceit and subtilty. 

Finally, The church sponsor came to its senses and fired the whole corrupt gang and replaced them with a pastor as the head, a new group of True Christian SMC members, and then reinstated the Canadian headmaster and cancelled the atheist puppet principal's contract, such that True Creation Science remained central in the curriculum. 

However, during the battle, i personally created some professional demonstration placards at some expense and effort, to be used in several demonstrations. 

After the first demonstration, we stored the placards at the school, ready for the next big demonstration the following day (Saturday). 

When we arrived that morning, the two defendants in the action had destroyed the placards and dumped them in the garbage. 

We formed a team of some eight or more plaintiffs and sued them for compensation for the damage done to the property. 

The Small Claims court Judge was an evolution believer, and the first defendant Barry Yen was a solicitor. 

Both Barry Yen and the second defendant perjured themselves and the Judge took sides against us based on his own, self confessed evolution theory false beliefs, and chose to believe their elaborate deceits and lies, by using perjury to defend the action. 

Nevertheless, they were removed, lost all their standing in the community together with the costs of falsely defending the True and Righteous Action.

This was a True Victory for God again - Amen

NB :  Peter Cheng's companies that ripped me off in the Galaxion case originally, were later closed down and he vanished under mysterious circumstances leaving a huge collection of unpaid bills and unpaid salaries to his staff, shortly after my legal actions against him ceased. Word has it he fled to Canada in disgrace and has never been heard of nor seen again.

Glory to God yet again - Amen

Currently, all assets from AD 1982 onwards through Cerebe Design were transferred to a new Corporate Image, Full Gospel Christian Company Zebra Industries (Orogenesis Nova) Ltd in June 2002.


An investment contract to re-launch Galaxion in a smaller packaging format as requested by international buyers, was signed in April 2003, with another Hong Kong Chinese Company, The Wah Tong Group, who really were printers this time, experienced in packaging. 

The value of this contract to ZION is over US$10 million, and all seemed to be okay (fairly well) until late 2003 when the production samples came in riddled with mistakes, shoddy work, cost cutting measures that damaged the quality of the end product and a clear and blatant disregard for detailed job briefs given to their staff. 

Then, by January 2004, they deliberately withheld the rule book and failed to apply for an export license to allow shipping of goods out of China. They also had failed to properly correct all their errors and breached almost all the agreed job briefs and their side of the contracted deal. 

Consequently we missed appearing as scheduled at the New York Toy Fair in 2004, because no perfect samples had been made by Wah Tong as contracted. 

This translated as a waste of one year's time ahead until the next New York Toy Fair in 2005. 

We explained everything to Wah Tong's Managing Director, and pointed out all of his staff's gross errors, omissions and failures and requested HK$200,000 compensation to enable us to survive until 2005 and for them to fix all the problems and perform as contracted. 

He proceeded to falsely defend his staff and then dumped the investment contract and ceased all work and refused to ever meet with us again.

Rather than take responsibility as a very wealthy printing company, and honour the facts of his company's multiple errors and failures, he chose to hurt us even further by simply walking away he had LOST FACE a foul and unclean and very unsavoury Chinese character flaw.

After multiple attempts to sit down and mediate according to the contract, a contractually approved, mutually agreed, Christian, printing professional Arbiter was appointed to Arbitrate between our two companies to resolve the issues like real men.

However, even after this appointment, Wah Tong refused to ever meet with us, thereby even breaching the Arbitration clause and all mediation efforts. The loss of face had become pathological.

No avenue was left because ZION has lost over US$70 million and this US$70 million a year turnover Firm acted as if nothing had happened. 


CONCLUSION 2 : The Arbitration Clause was Breached and Rendered Null, Void and Inoperable by Wah Tong and its solicitor butt-head sun wai.

In my honest opinion, Hong Kong is SOLD over to satan The Devil himself, The father of ALL lies and the devils' supernatural evil power has been sufficient to delude several judges and is used by wicked solicitors in their tapestry of lies, and has corrupted multiple Hong Kong businessmen through the inordinate love of money and their inability to admit error or ever tell The Real Truth. 

The Devil hates me because i oppose IT and have deliberately renounced IT's every device and made a Vow and Pledge in Hawaii in AD 1985 to fight Satan at every opportunity until IT is decimated Through The Cross of Christ Amen.

First Level Decision Now : 24th September AD 2010 : VICTORY 1 - AMEN
Two Contract Breaches in February & April 2004 Proved Fully By The Evidence.

Click here or below for First level Victory One - More To Follow - Amen

Second Level Decision Now : 28th October AD 2010 : VICTORY 2 - AMEN
All Legal Costs Awarded Against the money loving wah tong group - Alleluia.

Click here for The Second Level Cost Victory Two - More To Follow - Amen

Appeal To Vary Damages Amount : 14th February AD 2011  - AMEN

Click here to View This Application In JESUS - Amen

Leave To Appeal Victory One : 11th October AD 2011  - AMEN

Click here to View The Leave To Appeal Victory Judgment In JESUS - Amen

Main Major Appeal Victory Two : 20th June AD 2012  - AMEN

Click here to View The Main Appeal Victory Judgment In JESUS - Amen

Main Trial Judgment Victory : 31st August AD 2015  - AMEN

Click here to View The Main Trial Judgment In JESUS - Amen


Plaintiff : Zebra Industries (Orogenesis Nova) Ltd

Case Presented by Elijah Saatori as Plaintiff In Person






Matthew 5:33-37

Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.


James 5 : 12

But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.   

19). This Statement of Truth is Absolute Gospel - Amen

In JESUS' Holy Name - Amen

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