The Lord JESUS Christ With God In Salvation, Evangelism,
Revelation, Prophecy Fulfillment, Creation Science,
Biblical Archaeology, Holy Scripture Truth Evidence,
The Christian Faith and Actual Personal Testimony - Amen

Unarguable Proof of The Absolute Existence Of GOD :
Revealing the death of false evolution theory;
The Forgiveness of Sin through Christian Faith and Baptism;
The Truth of The Discoveries of Noah's Ark from The Great Flood;
The Real Mount Sinai, The Actual Red Sea Crossing Site,
The Proven Location Of Sodom and Gomorrah, with the
Balls Of Brimstone Scientifically Analysed and Confirmed;
The Fulfillment Of Multiple Biblical Prophecies;
The Revelation of The Real Heaven and The Real Hell;
The Solution to the endless lies and deceptions of satan;
How To Join The Real New Testament Church of The Lord
JESUS Christ, Alive In Heaven NOW, and Holy Scripture Proof 
Of His Imminent Second Coming - Amen, Alleluia and Mizpah.

Constellation Seven Revelation Ministries For Christ JESUS
The Son Of God - Created through Elijah Saatori - (Evangelist).